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Bring on the Bling with this Gorgeous Flushmount

Laser cut oval shapes displayed in a circular pattern make the Rotolo a truly unique piece to any space. The surface mount can be placed against the ceiling or wall to project a display of patterned light. Serving as both wall art and a source of light, the Rotolo is the perfect way to add drama and ambiance to a room.

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Vintage style with a modern spin, the Pista wall sconce ties the best of both worlds. A soft industrial look is achieved with mixing some harsh industrial elements with smooth lines. The glass cylinder provides a clean look, while other elements combined with the unique Edison bulb make the Pista an enchanting piece. …read more

Minimal Tube Wall Sconce

Nozza Collection – A frosted LED tube wrapped in a clear cylinder. The simple structure focuses on flaunting a brilliant bright light for fluid illumination. Without any embellishments or adornments, there are no obstructions barring the light. A minimalistic example of form and function this fixture will be a perfect addition to your modern space. …read more


There’s something very luxurious about having a designated spot to dress up or put your makeup on. However, it can be a little tricky to find one that suits a modern aesthetic. So we have done the hunting for you. Placing LED mirrors can transform your space into a dream dress/makeup room. These mirrors provide full illumination and highlights your entire figure with clear and even lighting but most importantly, allow more space! View Eurofase LED Mirror Collection

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Lighted LED mirrors

on LED Vanity Lighting

Eurofase now carries a large variety of mirrors with integrated LED lights. These mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms anymore; you can add these luxurious mirrors into any room, and transform your space from boring to elegant and sophisticated. In addition to the elegance, mirrors can give your room a sense of spaciousness. For more tips on how to make your room appear bigger read our previous blogSpace Saving Lighting.

These LED lighted mirrors are energy saving and come in various shapes and forms to suit your need. …read more

How To: Bathroom Vanity

Your home bathroom is meant to be an oasis. A quiet place where one can prepare for the day and wind down when the day is through. Having a space that meets the physical and emotional needs of the inhabitant is of paramount importance to a successful bathroom design. For dictating mood and aiding in grooming and preparation, few aspects are as important to a bathroom as lighting. There are several components to lighting a bathroom: general ambient illumination from wall sconces or ceiling lights, overhead lights for a shower or bathtub, …read more

New 2013 Flushmounts

Versatile and functional, flushmounts help to create a modern, sleek, and streamlined appearance throughout the home. Ceilings can be gorgeous too, with many flushmounts available in shiny metallic finishes and crystals.

Whether it’s for the kitchen, bathroom, or a hallway, flushmounts have definitely become trendier than the original brass circle fixtures. Add some personality to that lacking second bedroom. Now, there is no excuse for a room with a boring fixture.

We have introduced 6 new flushmounts for 2013, all which will compliment your existing décor. …read more

Dallas International Lighting Market Wrap Up

As always, we had a great time at the Dallas International Lighting Market. This was a very special Dallas Market for us with the introduction of our newest, most unique collection.

Thank you very much to everyone who came and visited the Eurofase showroom. We do business with some of the greatest people in the industry and it always a pleasure to work with them.

2013 will be a very exciting year for us as we celebrate 25 years in business with one of our best collections yet. …read more

Spring 2012 Trends

Colour, Colour and more Colour!
Spring is usually all about introducing colour back into your life, but this year more than ever. Colour blocking is all the rage on the red carpet and in your living room.
Our lights provide that pop of colour you can match or block with your other décor.

While your fixture may be around for longer than the trend, colour never hurt anyone and having a statement piece never goes out of style.




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