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“Eurofase Makes Major Renovations, Expands Showroom For Open-Daily Business at Dallas Market Center”

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—Innovative lighting company expands, opens doors for daily lighting business—

DALLAS – November 27, 2018 – Dallas Market Center announces the 6,000 square foot addition to Eurofase Lighting, a leader in cutting-edge lighting design and technology. The showroom expansion will showcase more dedicated category products and extend the brand to meet the World Trade Center, enabling an open-daily destination. The major renovation and 50% expansion of the Trade Mart 4002 showroom will debut at the next edition of Lightovation – Dallas International Lighting Show, January 16-20.  …read more

Ultra Slim Decorative Flushmount

Sitting at only 2” high, this ultra thin flushmount, Oliti Collection, offers space saving capabilities. The flat panels fanned out from a central point offers a star-like shape adding an intriguing element to your space. Doubling as wall art and a light source, this LED light fixture will fascinate its audience.

• Integrated LED / Fully Dimmable

• 3239 Lumens / 3500K / CRI 90+

…read more

Lighting Your Bathroom

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The Canmore collection’s frosted acrylic diffusers provides soft illumination along with downlights that casts a bright glow. The simple design coupled with its functional LED lighting emphasize a modern minimalist structure. Show your bathroom some love by upgrading with a contemporary, energy-efficient light fixture.

…read more

Hello Autumn – Bettino Collection

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Bettino Collection‘s rich colors make this a truly luxurious fixture, contrasting the bright shiny brass against the dark matte black. Dramatic dark lines surrounding brass wire cage cylinders unveils a strong geometric shape. Multiple dimensional layers weave together a web of various shapes stylishly spaced out to create an airiness and add the illusion of weightlessness. Strike audiences with this stunner.

  …read more

Eurofase Zodiac

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(Mar. 21 – Apr. 19)

Natural born leaders, Aries tend to be extremely egotistic, adventurous, and ambitious yet concerned & loyal people. Use our LED mirrors to help put your best self forward.


(Apr. 20 – May 20)

Reliable, practical, ambitious and sensual, they have an eye for beauty. Usually are efficient financial managers as they tend to be good with finances. The Rogers’ sleek yet simple design can illuminate your workspace in a fashion-forward way. …read more

Perfect Ambiance in Any Room

Glacier Fixture in kitchen setting

Light bulbs for your kitchen

Bright illumination in your kitchen that’s clean and fresh is ideal for food prepping. LEDs with cold color temperatures or halogen reflector bulbs with warm colors are perfect for achieving this look.

Glacier (A19) –  Warm color temperature


Rogers (LED) –  Cool color temperature


Light bulbs for your bathroom

LED bathbars have a cool white light that mimic natural light – it’s perfect for applying makeup and general grooming. …read more

Italian Glass

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Italian Glass

Why choose Italian glasses?

During the Renaissance glass was a sought after treasure. It was only attainable by the wealthy people of the times. Italian glassmakers were known as “The Masters”. These Masters were known for making beautifully thin and airy forms of glass.

The Master glassmakers only used basic tools which were developed in the middle ages. By skillfully manipulating these basic tools, Master glassmakers created unique works of art with rich coloring and surreal, patterns and shapes.

Even though fine glassware is created worldwide, …read more

LEDing Fashion

LED Banner

What’s in it for you?

LED lighting is spectacular and better for the environment. LED lights are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. LED lighting makes for fewer bulb replacements, less landfill, and no mercury emanation. Less energy use reduces the demand for power that’s why choosing LED lighting is a win-win. Eurofase prides itself in manufacturing products in tune with your environment. Discover the Peralta, Lazio and Zucchero Collections sure to please and last for years to come.

Peralta Collection | Where to Buy

  …read more

Pantone: Fall 2016 Colors

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As a new season is approaching, Pantone has released a variety of shades to match. Inspired by tranquility, strength and optimism these shades complement each other wonderfully. If you’re unsure of what colors to bring into your home décor, this is a great way to keep on trend. …read more

The Campobasso Collection

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This months featured fixture is the Campobasso collection. Inspired by grape vines; the Campobasso has a stunning intricate gold metal wire frame adorned by unique and delicately hand strung clear and amber glass wafers. These elements combined reveal an enticing array of light refractions that induce a majestic mood in any room. …read more

Pendant Lighting: The Basics

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With so many unique styles and ways to be placed there is no surprise that pendant lighting is a huge recent lighting trend. Similar to chandeliers, pendant fixtures are suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal though are normally smaller in size. Pendants can be very minimalistic but can wined up becoming a statement piece in any room when placed correctly. Not only are pendants an additional lighting accessory to your home, they can provide different types of light. …read more

Corda Collection

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Inspired by the rustic cottage style, Corda’s frame is made up of jute rope and bronze accents that create a stunning contemporary and organic feel. A luminous natural centerpiece that displays a robust essence and brings the outdoors mood indoors. …read more

The Right Light: Entryway

When you enter your house, the last thing you want is a dark entrance. What you do want is for people to be mesmerized when they walk into your home. Luckily, lighting fixtures are a solution and Eurofase has plenty to offer to ensure your home creates a warm welcome for your guests! …read more

How to: Kitchen Lighting / 2016 Spring Colors

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For many people, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where we cook, clean, and converse. For somewhere that families and friends spend so much time, it’s important that you have comfortable and clear lighting. We’re here to share a variety of things to consider and avoid to get your kitchen nice and bright!

From left to right:

Diffi Collection, Mini-lite, Fosca Collection

Task and ambient lighting are the two types of light that are best for the kitchen area. …read more

The York Collection

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The York collection features glass canisters filled with luxurious premium large crystals. Illuminated by upwards facing lights and the glittering crystals create a stunning visual effect. The down lights provide ample additional light which assists in properly illuminating …read more

The Arte Collection

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The Arte collection is an elegant crystalline form supported by chrome branches. The varying length of crystal strands lead an organic feel that is truly enchanting. Available in different tiered configurations, the Arte dazzles from …read more

HOW TO: Track Lighting

As city limits swell and renovations become more popular in established areas, track lighting has become more popular in the residential setting.


Track lights can be divided into two main categories, and two main types of power supply. The two configurations of lights are modular track, and fixed track. Modular track is often a multi-part system that features a universal track system with different joiner and head combinations. Fixed track is features multiples of a single head fixed onto a track (with no option to change the number or type of head). …read more

Natural Materials

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In an effort to balance good design with an understanding of social and cultural needs, Eurofase has always offered a selection of fixtures that are aesthetically current, and yet represent a timelessness due to their thoughtful utilization of materials and forms. An advantage of natural materials, especially wood, as that they age very well. Eurofase offers several warm wood pieces that express themselves well in such an environment, such as the Skyline, Cesto, Panello, and Lenio.


  …read more

Pantone Color Trends

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Pantone Color Trends

 “While the 2013 color of the year, Pantone 17-5641 Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination. Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

 Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute

The season for “Placid Blue”…

According to Pantone, …read more

Lighting 101: Lighting by Numbers

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“Lighting by Numbers”

Having a general knowledge of lighting requirements and techniques will greatly increase the effectiveness of any home renovation or upgrade. Lighting is important because it is not only about the fixture itself, but how the light interfaces with the space and the objects within.

There are some simple guidelines and equations to keep in mind when planning your lighting scheme.

Amount of Light Needed for a Space
Take the dimensions of your room in feet (for instance 14’x16’) and multiply them together (224). …read more

2014 Eurofase Collection Preview

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Happy New Year!

Eurofase is gearing up for a big showing at this year’s Dallas Market. We’re bringing in some innovative designs that utilize some spectacular material selections. The 2014 collection has literally a light for any theme your home desires!

Some of the big trends in material products this year are glass and chrome. Wall color selection in a home affects everything. When choosing fixtures for a room, nothing is more complimentary than materials that pick up surrounding color pallets. As chrome and glass can adapt to most decors. …read more

The Volante Collection

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Classical, elegant and infinitely beautiful, the Volante collection’s
delicate, white pleated shades sit perched atop a polished silver frame.

Light dances and sparkles from cascading links of crystal beading that draw the eye
downward only to be uplifted once again. Crystal clear bobeche hangs suspended
like teardrops.

Classic and elegant – The Volante Collection – only available from Eurofase.

You can view the entire collection here. …read more

The Novello Collection

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Allow me to introduce to you the Novello – Shiny, sleek and sexy, the Novello collection offers a fine balance of warm sophistication and metal edginess.

The sumptuous fabric of the slim classic drum shade floats like a band of unity suspended from a wide column of interlocking chrome chains. It conceals the soft light that glows and reflects from the series of highly polished strands that drape intertwining below.

Sleek and Sexy – The Novello Collection – only available from Eurofase. …read more

The Albero Collection

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Allow me to introduce to you the Albero – daring and delightful. Inspired by the same magical qualities as Cinderella’s carriage on the night of the ball – mysterious, regal and dramatic.


The richly-grained treated oak oval centerpiece is suspended from delicate chain link in classical medieval style then contrasted by the sweeping slender forged iron arms, uplifting to bold black candlestick.


Stylish and enchanting – the Albero collection – only available from Eurofase.

  …read more

The Capri Collection

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Allow me to introduce to you the Capri – bold and breathtaking.Reminiscent of Mount Vesuvios on the horizon – the sun rising from behind its mass – slowly lighting the marina and tiny roads as they wind up the stony face of Capri.

Bronzed metal arms reach, 3-tiered, lifting soft miniature candlesticks to reflect and refract through encircled clear-crystal droplets, amber bobeches and cascading strands of crystal beading in this stunning combination of classic and modern design.

Brilliance and ambience   – the Capri collection – only available from Eurofase.You can view the entire collection here. …read more

The Shiraz Collection

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Allow me to introduce to you the Shiraz – elegant and breathtaking.

Inspired by a crisp, sparkling wine poured from its gleaming decanter into tall, sumptuous fluted glasses. The polished arms gracefully arc from their chrome base, each presenting a single swirl of blown-glass. In this exquisite marriage of contemporary and classical styling, elongated crystal droplets accentuate each shimmering arm. Both balance and movement simultaneously create a feeling of grandeur.

Awe-inspiring and serene – the Shiraz collection – only available from Eurofase.

You can view the entire collection here. …read more

The Bosco Collection

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Allow me to introduce to you the Bosco – charming and natural. Inspired by the farthest reaches of the great outdoors – the mountains, the Lakelands, the majestic, towering oaks and pines.


The Bosco collection brings the warmth and remembrance of a great campfire indoors by softly illuminating the rustic resin-wood limbs so delicately gathered and arranged to create a life-like display.



Dramatic and organic – the Bosco collection – only available from Eurofase. …read more

The Rosalia Collection

Majestic and memorable.

As profound as the regal fountains of Paris’ Place de Concorde, which commemorate the waterways of France – their grandeur and their mystique, so is the Rosalia…breathtaking in its beauty.

Delicate strands of clear-cut coffin crystal shading cascade in waves from a circular, antique silver leaf forged metal frame. A bold design statement, the Rosalia collection dazzles magnificently in this modern masterpiece.

You can view more of the Rosalia Collection on our website, here. …read more

Dallas International Market June Show

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As always, we had a great time at the Dallas International Lighting Market. This was a very special Dallas Market for us with the introduction of our newest, most unique collection.

Thank you very much to everyone who came and visited the Eurofase showroom. We do business with some of the greatest people in the industry and it always a pleasure to work with them.

2013 will be a very exciting year for us as we celebrate 25 years in business with one of our best collections yet. …read more

The Infinity Collection

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Sparkling and absolutely graceful.

As though he were an ancient Italian astronomer, the designer looked to the heavens for inspiration. Wondering and striving for the illusion of continuous motion.


The clean lines of each oil-rubbed bronze ring entice the eye to travel the circle of orbs and globes intertwined. The gold-leafed grandeur inside each ring is understated and refined as it echoes and contracts with the outer finish in a classical way.


View the entire collection here. …read more

New 2013 Flushmounts

Versatile and functional, flushmounts help to create a modern, sleek, and streamlined appearance throughout the home. Ceilings can be gorgeous too, with many flushmounts available in shiny metallic finishes and crystals.

Whether it’s for the kitchen, bathroom, or a hallway, flushmounts have definitely become trendier than the original brass circle fixtures. Add some personality to that lacking second bedroom. Now, there is no excuse for a room with a boring fixture.

We have introduced 6 new flushmounts for 2013, all which will compliment your existing décor. …read more

Geometric patterns in the home.

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Energizing, visually appealing, and invigorating. Your favorite rooms should inspire you to feel your best. You can create your own slice of heaven with unique pattern lighting.

Whether it’s the fresh basic stripe, or a fun geometric shape, patterns are a major fashion trend. It’s time to be inspired by those catwalks, and incorporate it into your living room, dining room, or bathroom. Associate your style with your lighting accents. Symmetrical simplicity can be shiny, lively, and refreshing.

Our new products speak to this trend, …read more

LED in the kitchen

Eurofase takes pride in being a leading manufacturer of contemporary lighting with the latest LED technology.

LED lighting is becoming more popular. The kitchen is where you spend a lot time, thus making it a natural place for you to use LED lighting.

From under the cabinet lighting to shelf lighting, LED is the perfect choice. LED lights stay cool when put under cabinets, they are more energy efficient, and they come with an extended life. LED’s also allow you to put small lights where space is limited. …read more

Modern Vintage

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Vintage has always been a trend that keeps coming back, now the experts have created the term modern vintage. Designers are giving vintage concepts a modern edge so they can be worn and installed in your home. Like clothing, old trends can still incorporate new trends and in our case new technologies. You and your grandma will like the light you choose and she will actually be able to see from the better light output.

Your modernized vintage piece can look like it has  been cherished for a while as a statement or complimentary piece. …read more

How to Choose Basement Lighting

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The basement is, unfortunately, usually one of the last rooms to receive decor TLC. It can be a daunting task to properly light a room that receives little to no natural light and has low ceilings. The first thing you must consider is how much light you need. Choose your decorative piece first then add secondary/fundamental lights to fill in the spaces. Make sure to carefully measure the height of the ceiling and double check the fixture’s height and extension to ensure it is the right fit. We have selected a few of our favorite lights that would look great in a basement. …read more

Dining Room Lighting Trends

The Dining room is where the important times in life take place, family meals, entertaining friends and deep discussions. You want this space to be at its best, and the lighting should help accomplish that. While choosing classic pieces is always a great idea, we encourage you to push the envelope and embrace new trends.

Here are the trends we see in lighting that are easily transitioned to the dining room.


Metallic finishes have been everywhere for the past couple of years and most recently have been paired up with a number of different decors, …read more

Eurofase Top Picks

To commemorate our 25th anniversary, we wanted to share some of our favourite fixtures over the past years. We polled the office and everyone lent their opinion to help create this post.

Top 5 Classic Looks

We all love trends, but sometimes classic is the way to go. Here are the top picks for the Eurofase Classic Lighting.

Top 5 Contemporary Lights

Eurofase prides itself on being on top of what’s new and contemporary , but finding those that can become timeless pieces. …read more

Hospitality Lighting

We all know that an important aspect to the dining experience is ambiance.  Lighting is a major component of that. Not only do patrons want a great atmosphere and a pleasant décor, but they also want to be able to see the food they are eating and the person in front of them. Eurofase caters to a lot of interior designers with hospitality jobs, whether that is restaurants, hotels or cafes, so we are here to use our expertise to help you.

Make sure your guests remember not only the meal, …read more

Toronto Interior Design Show

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The Toronto Interior Design Show took place this past weekend, January 24-27 and Eurofase designers and product development coordinators flocked to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to join in the hype.

Hours were spent pouring over new and innovative designs from Canada’s finest. We rounded up the trends for you, many of which we previously reported to you in our 2013 Lighting Trends.

–         Industrial Elements, rustic and old school

–         Textures especially on wall paper, carpets, tiles and accessories

–         …read more

Vanity Lighting

Where a woman gets ready should be an oasis, where the most intimate of rituals take place. There should be a spotlight on the performance of her makeup application. She wants her bottles of perfume, lipstick collection and jewelry showcased. For this she needs the most luxurious and exquisite vanity lighting.

Eurofase has this woman in mind when designing the most desirable lighting for vanities and powder rooms. Not only is the composition of the light’s design important, but the actual light emitted is essential in makeup application. …read more

Dallas International Lighting Market Wrap Up

As always, we had a great time at the Dallas International Lighting Market. This was a very special Dallas Market for us with the introduction of our newest, most unique collection.

Thank you very much to everyone who came and visited the Eurofase showroom. We do business with some of the greatest people in the industry and it always a pleasure to work with them.

2013 will be a very exciting year for us as we celebrate 25 years in business with one of our best collections yet. …read more

Lighting Trends for 2013

You work hard at keeping your wardrobe up to date; extend that effort to your décor. Here is a sample of our top picks for lighting trends in the new year. Browse our virtual catalogue for more on trend fixtures.


Get your décor white hot with some of our new fixtures.


Make your room bloom with style with the new 2013 collection from Eurofase. These Italian inspired pieces are one of a kind and a definite statement of style.

Touch and texture

For the past while it has been all about the colours, …read more

Medieval Lighting Part 2

A few months ago, we showed you some of our top gothic romantic lighting in the post What’s Old is New: Medieval Lighting.

Eurofase predicted this trend continuing and feature some castle worthy fixtures in their 2013 collection.

This year we are seeing a lot of natural finishes in fashion and décor, thus we designed more lights to utilize wood in various ways.

There are a number of reasons to love wood:

  1. Add a new texture dimension to your space.
  2. …read more

Pantone Spring 2013 Colors – Families

The final installment for our Pantone 2013 Color Report blog series features families that include colors and their compliments, giving you options for mixing and matching to create a unique look. Group them together or let them stand alone, whatever you choose will be on trend and perfect for your domain.

  …read more

Pantone Spring 2013 Color Report – Complimenting Lightings

We all love color, and with the help of Pantone we can keep up with the changing trends for our wardrobe and home. But what if you are not ready to dive into colored lighting? Maybe you want colored wall(s) instead? Here are our top picks for lights that will accent your new, Pantone approved wall color.

…read more

Dallas Market 2013

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Eurofase headquarters is buzzing with excitement over the upcoming Dallas International Lighting Market January 17-21. Not only do we get to be a part of a very remarkable convention, described as:

“Dallas Market Center outshines the rest as the International Home of Lighting. By offering more than one million square feet of light resources from all major lighting manufacturers, buyers will experience a convenient and comprehensive marketplace of fixed and portable lighting for residential and commercial projects. It’s no wonder thousands of lighting buyers from around the world head to Dallas during lighting markets each January and June.” – Dallas Market Center

We are also debuting the highly anticipated 2013 collection. …read more

Pantone Spring 2013 Colors — Poppy Red

As you have probably heard, Pantone has released their Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013.

Citing influences from fashion powerhouses such as Rachel Roy, David Meisler, Tracy Reese and Herve Leger, they say the following colors are IT:


Poppy red is popping up all over! Just in time for the holidays, here are our top fixtures to put the cherry on top of your decadent décor.

…read more

The Cameo in Florida

We always love seeing our lights interpreted into different decors and are very happy to share this one with you.
This home in Florida used 3 of our Cameo pendants in their dining area. We are loving the open concept of the home and how perfectly the pendants are placed within the whole scheme.

Modern Dining Room design by Miami Photographer Michael Laurenzano Photography

It should also be noted how they used recessed lighting to showcase their artwork, …read more

Designer Profile: James Espiritu

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One thing Eurofase takes great pride in is not only the quality of our lighting, but their unique designs. Over the past three decades, we have had the pleasure of working with a lot of great designers with whom we have created many amazing fixtures with. Most notable being the very talented James Espiritu, who has been a part of the Eurofase team for almost a decade. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design from the University of the Philippines, James came to Canada and studied Mechanical Tool Design at Seneca College. …read more

The Pella Collection

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Like a luxury car, the Pella speaks for itself upon a glance. The Pella exudes style, confidence and precision. With a hand stitched leather body and crystal and chrome accents, this is truly a one of a kind fixture. Much like your dream car, your guests will want to touch, feel and engage with this beautiful leather chandelier.

The awe inspiring design and craftsmanship of the piece will definitely create a focal point for your room.

The Pella lends itself to a cool or warm décor available in brown, …read more

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Home Improvements

If you are looking to upgrade your home while being sensitive to budget limitations, lighting is known to be an affordable way to enhance the décor, while increasing the value of your home when you are ready to sell.

The key is to focus on transitional pieces; fixtures that look good in a number of decors.

For the dining room, entry way or living room we selected three standout fixtures that are both contemporary and transitional.

For the other rooms in the house we suggest:

Recessed lighting is a great way to add a subtle luxury. …read more

Outdoor Lighting & Furniture

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Summer days may be almost at an end, but there is always time to update and illuminate your outdoor space for fun evenings. There are many more backyard parties to be had and impress your guests with new outdoor furniture and lighting straight from Italy.

The Dango is a stylish way to add flair to your pool area, while being a functioning stand to put your towels, robes and bathing suits on. It comes in a multitude of colours, with lighting colours in neutral, green, orange or purple to make that bold statement. …read more

Custom Lighting for Michigan State University

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Eurofase is always thrilled to customize our products for the needs of our customers, so when Michigan State University needed lights in their school colours we were more than happy to oblige.

They requested our Bomb pendant to illuminate their Case Hall student center and we painted them the perfect Spartans green.




…read more

The Prima Collection

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The Prima displays playful details such as the aluminum silver braided sleeves covering brass arms and base with plush velvet shades the Prima is the epitome of artful illumination. The shades are available in a warm fiery red, cool jet black or white hot. Putt your own unique twist on it and choosing two alternating shade colours or all three.

The design was inspired by Moulin Rouge in Paris during the 1890’s with the daring colours and risqué décor. The lively Paris nightlife was rich with textures like crushed velvet and­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ braided aluminum fiber. …read more

Starlight Foundation Donation

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EUROfase continues our commitment to philanthropy with the recent showcase of and donation to the Starlight Foundation, which helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities. We featured the charity at our Open House a couple weeks ago, giving our patrons a chance to make a donation or purchase their infamous teddy bears. The bears not sold were then purchased by EUROfase and given to sick children.

Our VP of Business Development, David Nathan Bitton (pictured below) then personally purchased 25 more bears and donated them to sick children. …read more

What’s old is new: Medieval Lighting

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A recent trend in television is shows that take us back to the time of knights and kings. What’s old is new again and there is no better way to upgrade your space then to adding a little gothic romance into your home.

Here are our top picks for light fixtures with that medieval inspiration seen in our favourite new shows.

…read more

Bring Your Favourite TV Show into Your Home

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With the season finale of our favourite 60’s sitcom still on our minds from last night, we wanted to find ways to bring Madison Avenue into our homes. The bold colours and simplistic designs seen on set of our favourite show are also trending with designers.

Here are some 1960-esq lights for your home in the suburbs or your apartment in the city found only at EUROfase.

…read more

The Aria Collection

Here at EUROfase, we really like to play with our elements. From a wood chandelier, the Lenio, as May’s fixture of the month, to the Aria -a solid chrome piece for June.

Chrome is the perfect statement or complimentary colour. This season the Neautrals, Reds, Greens and Blues are the trendy paints, according to Sherwin Williams, and we can see the Aria lighting up any of those colours.

Some have simply described it as a futuristic flower, we agree – it is the new shape of beauty. …read more

Kitchen Lighting: How to

Choosing lighting for your kitchen can be very overwhelming, so much freedom and options can leave you paralyzed with excitement or fear.

To make things easier, break it up into simple steps.

  1. Pick your big light fixture or statement piece first.
  • Chandeliers over your table or island
  • Pendants over the table, island or above your sink
  • Island pendants
  • Semi Flush mounts

2. Add recessed or track lights where extra lighting is required

             a. …read more

The Lenio Collection

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There is a debate going on, whether the Lenio is medieval or a western rustic. The Prague inspiration brought about the classic silhouette but the grainy wood finish lends itself well to a rustic feeling, making this a very versatile chandelier. Yes, chandelier. While this light fixture falls in the chandelier family, its structure and natural elements puts it in a league of its own. It is seamless and thick, not dainty like most chandeliers.

One thing we can all agree on is that this unique piece will make any statement you want, …read more