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Using Brass in Interior Design

There is something about that warm brass color that feel luxurious in a home. Brass can be done with a modern, traditional or vintage look.  Brass chandeliers are known for their ability to invoke a sense of grandeur and elegance. Rado collection represents refined simplicity exhibited through the rich black rods and brass accents, which makes this piece extremely versatile for various décor styles. The rustic feel of industrial design is blended with the sleek shine of modern trends. This collection showcases strong lines highlighting a candelabra inspired design. …read more

Home office for working women

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Home offices and work-spaces have become popular now that so many women manage their careers from their home. Here are some neat, simple, and stylish work zones with unique lighting which makes a strong visual statement that truly inspire!

Della, 34036-013

Sassi, 34154-014 …read more

Trending Mediums: Glass

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Glass is nothing new, it technically isn’t. It has been around since 4000BC. However, in today’s world glass has been upgraded to colorful, textured and frosted mediums. Interior designers feature it for walls, windows, floor inserts, furniture, backsplashes and lighting.

The Labria Collection features colored textured glass creating beautiful retro pieces. Not to be confused with vintage, retro items are new items that refer to particular motifs, techniques, and materials of the past. …read more

A Classic Style with Many Applications

Coffee shop with Aspetto Fixture

Schoolhouse fixtures evoke the traditional style of early light fixtures used in buildings such as libraries, courthouses and, of course, classrooms. Schoolhouse-style pendant lighting often has a solid support rod that complements the retro look, is available in both traditional and mini pendant sizes.

While schoolhouse-style pendant lighting got its start in government and commercial spaces, it quickly migrated into private homes. One of the best features of schoolhouse-style pendant lighting is the gentle ambient light it produces.

Consider different applications as you explore the lighting possibilities these versatile fixtures offer. …read more

Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic


Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic. Both these styles are equally as popular in today’s society, yet differ greatly. In order to see which style suits you better, see the characteristics which make up these two genres.


Contemporary design, in its simplest form, refers to the manifestation of the modern art movement indoors. Using the minimalist’s approach, it emphasizes clean straight lines, uses chrome/stainless steel, rejects superfluous details (i.e. columns, moldings, cabinet trims, etc), and lacks clutter.

Rustic chic; …read more

Italian Glass

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Italian Glass

Why choose Italian glasses?

During the Renaissance glass was a sought after treasure. It was only attainable by the wealthy people of the times. Italian glassmakers were known as “The Masters”. These Masters were known for making beautifully thin and airy forms of glass.

The Master glassmakers only used basic tools which were developed in the middle ages. By skillfully manipulating these basic tools, Master glassmakers created unique works of art with rich coloring and surreal, patterns and shapes.

Even though fine glassware is created worldwide, …read more

On trend: Industrial Chic

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Designs with an industrial feel to them are becoming more and more popular. They always have a very structured feel to them and a dynamic design concept however they also give off a very open presence. In recent years this kind of design has mostly featured in bars, clubs and the out-of-the box loft space, however now the Industrial Chic concepts have begun to enter our homes and offices and they are doing so with a tremendous amount of style. …read more

2017: New collection

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New trends follow with a new year approaching and Eurofase is thrilled about the release of our 2017 new collection! This past year we’ve released a lot of fixtures with nature-inspired materials like wood, cork, rope, and stainless steel with warm and neutral colors that gave a beautiful contrast to any room. This upcoming year Eurofase will be adding more timeless fixtures to the showroom just in time for you to start upgrading your décor!


Whether you’re looking for a fixture for a hotel lobby or dining room, …read more

Getting creative with Edison lights

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Edison bulbs can sure add a nostalgic vintage vibe when you use them with the right fixture. These antique bulbs  give off a soft yellow glow that you can look at without a glare and have become a huge trend that you can find in places like restaurants to night clubs or lofts. …read more

The Natural Feel: Lighting inspired by nature

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As modern décor takes over it’s always refreshing to go back to the basics. There was a time when lighting fixtures were made only with the use of natural materials like wood and metal. Using materials inspired by nature within your room setting can truly create a warm and welcoming vibe which is a huge trend that we’ve seen this past year. …read more

How to: Kitchen Lighting / 2016 Spring Colors

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For many people, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where we cook, clean, and converse. For somewhere that families and friends spend so much time, it’s important that you have comfortable and clear lighting. We’re here to share a variety of things to consider and avoid to get your kitchen nice and bright!

From left to right:

Diffi Collection, Mini-lite, Fosca Collection

Task and ambient lighting are the two types of light that are best for the kitchen area. …read more

On trend: Warm Metals

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As the weather gets warmer so do trends. Warmer metals such as: rose gold, brass, copper, and bronze have risen in popularity this year. These finishes give a sense of comfort and tranquility and have been seen everywhere lately whether it’s an appliance or lighting fixture or an accent piece.

Rooms with fixtures that have a warm metal accents can really add a touch of style to your home. Not only do they look great, they tend to give the room a soft warm glow.

  …read more

On trend: Casting Shadows

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While a lot of people use art to dress up their walls there is a way you can play with shade and light that creates a mesmerizing atmosphere to your room. Eurofase offers a variety of pendants with perforated shades that illuminate beautiful patterns and shadows. …read more

Trends: Low Poly

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Low Poly light fixtures are the newest minimalist style to enter modern ambient lighting settings.

Although a new addition to minimalist lighting the concept of “Low Poly” has been around since the early days of computer graphics. In 3D Modeling and Animation, 3D artists use triangles and polygons to build complex virtual shapes.  Low Poly describes 3D computer graphics that have a relatively small number of polygons.


This multi-faceted design language translates into light fixture design because of the rising popularity of minimalist light fixtures in modern, …read more

2016 Trends Preview

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As most interior design trends go, year to year there is evolution; however there isn’t a major swing in change. You will see ideas tweak themselves and integrate with the previous years, so they will not become outdated a year after conception (and those that do were simply fad-based designs that never really had any staying power). …read more

Fall Trend: Copper Colors

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The 2015 Color of the Year is Marsala (swatch below). This beautiful and rich color translates well into almost any earth tone décor, adding a level of saturated depth without overwhelming other accompanying tones.

Bring some elegance and warmth into your house this fall; try accenting your interior with copper colors. The copper fixture will mesh well with the warm tones of Marsala. Also the various tonal values of copper will make your interior look rich and stylish, while complimenting any neutral colors.

Add some detailed accents with copper finished pendant lighting, …read more

Ceiling Fans

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Control your room climate in style. Designed for your safety and beauty, Eurofase offers contemporary and transitional pendant lighting with seamlessly integrated fans.  All combination light/fans come equipped with a 24” mounting rod, a 6” extension for adaptable mounting, and a handheld remote to …read more

2015 Trend Report

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2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Eurofase!

Substantial efforts have been made to update Eurofase’s existing product line, website, and catalog. New fixtures this year include some stunning new designs, as well as new entries to popular product families. Our website will offer new interactive features, an improved search engine. The website will offer improved formatting for cellphones and tablets.

New fixtures for 2015 are representative of the wide array of styles. Fixtures are available in contemporary, transitional, and classical styles. LED’s account for a large percentage of the new fixtures. …read more

How To: Strip And Mini Puck Lighting

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With the recent technological breakthroughs of LED technology, entirely new products have been created, along with revolutionizing older designs. The low power usage, small size, reduced heat output, and extended lifespan of LED’s make them ideal choices for a variety of products, some of which would have been impractical before with other light source technology.

One of the most exciting products to come out of this technological boom is the LED strip light. Coming in several different varieties, these lights have opened up a treasure-trove of new lighting techniques. …read more

Crystal vs glass, what’s your style?

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There is much debate over crystal versus glass. We will be discussing the differences and advantages of each material.

Crystal is actually a type of glass. Normal glass is a mixture of silicate (sand), lime, and soda. This formulation encompasses about 90% of glass made today. Crystal glass differs from normal glass as it contains high levels of lead oxide (leading to its more correct name: leaded glass). The term “Crystal” comes from the Italian term ‘cristallo’ which was once used to describe Murano glass imitations. …read more

Natural Materials

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In an effort to balance good design with an understanding of social and cultural needs, Eurofase has always offered a selection of fixtures that are aesthetically current, and yet represent a timelessness due to their thoughtful utilization of materials and forms. An advantage of natural materials, especially wood, as that they age very well. Eurofase offers several warm wood pieces that express themselves well in such an environment, such as the Skyline, Cesto, Panello, and Lenio.


  …read more

Bold & Beautiful

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As industry and aesthetic tastes change, Eurofase endeavors to stay at the forefront of interior design trends. Leveraging years of experience, we utilize new technologies, materials, and techniques to create stunning fixtures that will compliment any space. In recent years there has been a significant shift away from traditional fixtures to more contemporary and transitional interpretations of classical lighting. The essence of this shift has been spurred on by designers looking for something with the visual impact of a chandelier bedecked in crystals, and yet maintains a gestural purity and cleanliness indicative of modernist design movements. …read more

Recessed Lighting

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Unobtrusive yet highly effective, recessed lighting has become an industry standard for modern clean aesthetics. The popularity of the humble pot light has spawned innumerous variations, and Eurofase is at the forefront of optimizing the adaptability of this type of lighting. Recessed lighting is not just for new homes, and can be seamlessly integrated into an older home while keeping the classical feel to the space. Additionally, due to the lack of upward travelling light beams, any flaws on your ceiling will be hidden from glare that would make them more apparent! …read more

Geometric Shapes and Aesthetic Trends for 2014

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The past few years have seen resurgence in the shabby chic style. Pastels and bright, refurbished furniture, and a playful sense of accumulated antiquity have been inspired by the contemporary indie culture. This year’s fashion weeks in Milan and London have seen industry shifts with some designers focusing towards inspired minimalism, and the bold use of geometric shapes. The color palettes moving forward exhibit monochrome designs, calming neutral greys and with the use of natural materials.

Textiles, furniture, and fashion are all showing a growing affinity to the use of randomized and patterned geometric shapes. …read more

The Cromo Collection

Allow me to introduce to you the Cromo – modern, sleek clean-lined perfection. In the roaring 20’s when music was king and the glittering ballrooms of the Roseland, the Cotton Club and the Blue Room were the place to be seen, champagne flowed freely from art deco flutes.


This 21st century version of a classic chandelier is suspended dramatically from a sleek rod in a statement of art deco charm. Its gleaming double-polished chrome arms spread out and up, holding tall, hand-casted champagne flutes with hand-buffed chrome stems as though served up by dapper butlers on gleaming silver platters. …read more

The Mano Collection

Distinct and inspired.

Reminiscent of nights on the coast of Portugal, the designer endeavored to recreate the old world charm of tanned wood, rich metal and smoky glass.

The Mano collection includes fixtures comprised of the barrels elements. . Sturdy bolts and silver flat work augment its handcrafted and carved teak wood. Classic and rich, the brandish rich antique bobeche holds simulated candles of ivory, cauldron-caged inside glass hurricanes.

You can view the entire collection on our website. …read more

New 2013 Flushmounts

Versatile and functional, flushmounts help to create a modern, sleek, and streamlined appearance throughout the home. Ceilings can be gorgeous too, with many flushmounts available in shiny metallic finishes and crystals.

Whether it’s for the kitchen, bathroom, or a hallway, flushmounts have definitely become trendier than the original brass circle fixtures. Add some personality to that lacking second bedroom. Now, there is no excuse for a room with a boring fixture.

We have introduced 6 new flushmounts for 2013, all which will compliment your existing décor. …read more

Retro lighting is back in style.

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Reproductions of Edison’s first bulb are lighting up everywhere. From trendy clubs striving for that vintage feel to sophisticated retail stores seeking a warm atmosphere for their clients to shop.

Emulating candlelight, the exposed burning threads provide that modern vintage aura. (To read more about the modern vintage trend, see our blog post here.) From chic to rustic, these vintage light bulbs are versatile and will add an inviting glow to any room.

We currently offer the vintage bulb in the Retto Collection. …read more

Geometric patterns in the home.

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Energizing, visually appealing, and invigorating. Your favorite rooms should inspire you to feel your best. You can create your own slice of heaven with unique pattern lighting.

Whether it’s the fresh basic stripe, or a fun geometric shape, patterns are a major fashion trend. It’s time to be inspired by those catwalks, and incorporate it into your living room, dining room, or bathroom. Associate your style with your lighting accents. Symmetrical simplicity can be shiny, lively, and refreshing.

Our new products speak to this trend, …read more

Novello and the Metallic Trend

Lighting trends are influenced by fashion trends. Fashion trends are influenced by jewelry trends.

Do not limit yourself to the conventional use of rings on your finger. The Novello offers a metallic finish on a grand band overflowing with the magical use of rings. It has a fine balance of warm sophistication and metal edginess that is sure to magically create a smile.


Try adding a shiny modern fixture to an already clean contemporary living room. It will instantly add that pop of modern flair that coordinates well with the freshness of the space. …read more