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Illuminate Your Space

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Create luminous and eye-catching signs for your property with our Halpern and Para LED lit wall sconces.

LED lit acrylic signs are slim and highly functional. It’s low cost of energy consumption make it a highly exceptional piece. Easily assemble the acrylic panels by simply sliding the slim acrylic panel onto the lighted metal base. The custom laser-engraved parts will light up while the rest of the sign stays dark, resulting in the illusion of glowing letters and/or images.

Similar in style, Halpern is ideal for outdoor use while Para is meant for indoor use. …read more

Accent beautiful home features with lighting

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Lighting can make a huge difference to the exterior and overall ambiance of your home. When you don’t have proper lighting it can get in the way of performing everyday outdoor tasks and can cut your evening short. Making the exterior of your home bright will ensure that you and your guests can feel safe and enjoy your yard to the fullest.

Pathways, walkways, and perimeter of your home should be illuminated properly to avoid any injury. Outdoor wall sconces can accent your front door beautifully and creates a welcoming feel. …read more

How To: Strip And Mini Puck Lighting

on LED Lighting 101 Outdoor Trends

With the recent technological breakthroughs of LED technology, entirely new products have been created, along with revolutionizing older designs. The low power usage, small size, reduced heat output, and extended lifespan of LED’s make them ideal choices for a variety of products, some of which would have been impractical before with other light source technology.

One of the most exciting products to come out of this technological boom is the LED strip light. Coming in several different varieties, these lights have opened up a treasure-trove of new lighting techniques. …read more

Outdoor Lighting

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It is getting close to spring, which means warm weather and friendly get togethers. Nothing spoils a party like poor lighting.

For your driveway and patio, Eurofase offers stainless steel drive-over enabled, LED fixtures that will give your home the welcoming curb appeal during the day as well as into the night.

The entrance of your house will be people’s first impression of your home. Make a statement. Remember the lights on your house will seem larger in the store than when they are up, so always go bigger. …read more