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Ultra Slim Decorative Flushmount

Sitting at only 2” high, this ultra thin flushmount, Oliti Collection, offers space saving capabilities. The flat panels fanned out from a central point offers a star-like shape adding an intriguing element to your space. Doubling as wall art and a light source, this LED light fixture will fascinate its audience.

• Integrated LED / Fully Dimmable

• 3239 Lumens / 3500K / CRI 90+

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Chandeliers that look like bursting balls of light

on Chandeliers LED Living Room Lighting

Its LED lights joined by delicate bars calls to mind constellations and feathery dandelions. Whether or not hanging alone or in a cluster, the Siena collection creates the illusion of a starry night. Adorned with dozens of small little LED lights, the orb gives off a soft ambient glow. Each light sparkles like a tiny star, but together they give off enough light to bring warmth and illumination to an area. …read more

Montcalm Collection

Configurable octagonal rings encircle this chandelier for a strong form that’s customizable for each user going from a flat layout to a 3-dimensional shape. Montcalm Collection – The warm colors of the oil-rubbed bronze create an old-style charm and an inviting environment for all to enjoy.

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Fanton Collection

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Fanton Collection – Chrome frames with LED light inside showcase crystal glass bangles for a distinctively special design. The glass rings add a lightness to its overall style extending its beauty onto its cascading shadows and reflected light. This style combines mixed materials with basic shapes creating a unique look.

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Back to Retro

The Manilow collection – Retro inspired panels of rippled glass shield the orbited candelabra. The tasteful arrangement adds a heightened elegance to any area with the polished chrome trim. A versatile piece, the Manilow can be placed in a variety of settings: contemporary, mid-century modern, traditional, transitional, bohemian, and Hollywood glam. Inspire audiences with your own unique style.


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Light up your Life

Modern take on an Italian classic, the Catalda pendant features a diamond shape pattern that projects the light in a dazzling way. Inspired by 90s crystal decanters, the notched glass adds depth to the geometric shape. This colored glass piece with retro elements makes for the perfect centerpiece over a kitchen island but is versatile enough to be housed in other areas as well. Adding small splashes of color into your space is easier with these colored glass pendants.

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Using Brass in Interior Design

There is something about that warm brass color that feel luxurious in a home. Brass can be done with a modern, traditional or vintage look.  Brass chandeliers are known for their ability to invoke a sense of grandeur and elegance. Rado collection represents refined simplicity exhibited through the rich black rods and brass accents, which makes this piece extremely versatile for various décor styles. The rustic feel of industrial design is blended with the sleek shine of modern trends. This collection showcases strong lines highlighting a candelabra inspired design. …read more

Unleash Visual Splendor

There is absolutely no denying the fact that lighting plays the most important role in defining the appeal of any interior. The Viviana Collection has links of patterned pressed glass cupped by polished chrome hardware. The diagonal chiseled pattern creates a unique texture which adds another dimension to each piece. A great centerpiece that can elevate the ambiance of a space and turn even a mediocre room into a captivating setting.

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Decorative bamboo poles for creative lighting design

A beautiful balance between natural and man-made materials – Bobina Collection presents natural bamboo sticks suspended between two antique elliptical bronze rings. The perfect marriage between country and chic, the Bobina wields an LED light adding a modern touch. A one-of-a-kind piece sure to attract attention.

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Dramatic Color Pairing – Black & Gold

Black and gold are two of the most ageless, versatile and extravagant color duos out there. Used separately, these colours present drama, depth and opulence. When matched together, the pair acts as the perfect partner to each other. Combining black and gold is a brilliant way to make a space feel rich and warm.

Add the Londra chandelier in a rich brass finish to complete the look. Modern double glassed candles evenly balanced atop an impeccably rich metal framework glow with downlights. This sleek decorative piece is a perfect way to add charm to any room. …read more

Bloom Wall Sconce from Eurofase

Finally, spring is here.
Make spring feel different by adding a little change on your wall with this unique wall sconce/flushmount light. Irregular shaped with butterfly inspired oval LED rings, this cheerful design adds whimsy to any room setting. The butterfly symbolizing growth and evolution, makes the Olga Collection a great transitional piece, both physically and figuratively. Select from satin gold or silver finish. Let your space bloom!


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A Classic Style with Many Applications

Coffee shop with Aspetto Fixture

Schoolhouse fixtures evoke the traditional style of early light fixtures used in buildings such as libraries, courthouses and, of course, classrooms. Schoolhouse-style pendant lighting often has a solid support rod that complements the retro look, is available in both traditional and mini pendant sizes.

While schoolhouse-style pendant lighting got its start in government and commercial spaces, it quickly migrated into private homes. One of the best features of schoolhouse-style pendant lighting is the gentle ambient light it produces.

Consider different applications as you explore the lighting possibilities these versatile fixtures offer. …read more

Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic


Contemporary Vs. Rustic Chic. Both these styles are equally as popular in today’s society, yet differ greatly. In order to see which style suits you better, see the characteristics which make up these two genres.


Contemporary design, in its simplest form, refers to the manifestation of the modern art movement indoors. Using the minimalist’s approach, it emphasizes clean straight lines, uses chrome/stainless steel, rejects superfluous details (i.e. columns, moldings, cabinet trims, etc), and lacks clutter.

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Ceiling Fans

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Control your room climate in style. Designed for your safety and beauty, Eurofase offers contemporary and transitional pendant lighting with seamlessly integrated fans.  All combination light/fans come equipped with a 24” mounting rod, a 6” extension for adaptable mounting, and a handheld remote to …read more

The Cromo Collection

Allow me to introduce to you the Cromo – modern, sleek clean-lined perfection. In the roaring 20’s when music was king and the glittering ballrooms of the Roseland, the Cotton Club and the Blue Room were the place to be seen, champagne flowed freely from art deco flutes.


This 21st century version of a classic chandelier is suspended dramatically from a sleek rod in a statement of art deco charm. Its gleaming double-polished chrome arms spread out and up, holding tall, hand-casted champagne flutes with hand-buffed chrome stems as though served up by dapper butlers on gleaming silver platters. …read more

The Perlina- September Fixture of the Month

Allow me to introduce to you the Perlina – bold and breathtaking. As winter sets in, the mountain springs are surrounded by icy drama. The designer felt compelled to immortalize that moment when the mists rising into the air crystallize and glitter in the soft light.

Like the crystalline droplets suspended in the frosty air, this stunning piece is held in place by a frosted glass bottom trimmed in a polished chrome ring that reflects light up and into a crystal dome where it shimmers, dances and dazzles the eye. …read more

The Pratolina Collection

Allow me to introduce to you the Pratolina – serene and beautiful. Inspired by the quiet grace of a swan on the calm water – elegance of movement and purity of line.


The patterned sanded glass leaves spread out and up, overlapping whimsically from a single polished chrome base representing both strength and fragility with its softly shimmering illumination. Its simplicity of form is an ultimate tribute to nature.


Intricate and inspirational – the Pratolina collection – only available from Eurofase. …read more

The Padova Collection

Allow me to introduce to you the Padova – dramatic and distinctive. Inspired by the jewels, the silver, the bronze and the crystals of the Russian court in the time of Catherine the Great.


The handcrafted bronze framework spreads its generous double-arched arms from the central cage to the over sized crystal droplets that extend from below magnificent crystal bobeches.


Elegant and timeless, the Padova collection illuminates with simple, yet shimmering brilliance.


You can view the entire collection and product specs here. …read more

The Marta Collection- August Fixture of the Month

Allow me to introduce to you the Marta – a perfect balance of simplicity and detail.

As he approached the centre of the deserted Spanish square, he saw the large marble statue. A woman, renowned for her great beauty. As he walked closer, he looked at the base of the statue – on it a single word – Marta.

This fixture’s polished nickel frame resembles the hour-glass figure of the woman. The slender arms extend open and generous. A gleaming fitting adorns the top like a tiara. …read more

The Corso Collection

Allow me to introduce to you the Corso – classical, elegant and infinitely beautiful.

Reminiscent of the ancient Via del Corso in historical Rome, dotted with charming torteria’s crowded with patrons – chatting, laughing, enjoying delectable meals and great wines.

The traditional oil-rubbed base drops solid and straight to a wood-grained chestnut accent. Bronze-finished arms that lift gracefully upward to hold each light and delicate teardrops.

To view more information about the Corso Collection, please visit our website. …read more

The Ombrello Collection

Allow me to introduce to you the Ombrello – captivating and capricious.

Inspired by raindrops flowing from an umbrella.

The oil-rubbed bronze umbrella-shaped base is draped with magnificent cognac-coloured crystal droplets that cascade in rain-like strands – dazzling and dappled – sparkling with elegant splendour in the downcast illumination of the twin candelabras suspended beneath.

You can view the entire collection and product details here.  …read more

The Mona Collection

Allow me to introduce to you the Mona – classical and elegant.

With quiet sophistication, the solid nickel base is suspended from a bold nickel chain, enhanced by the clear crystal detailing at the center. Drama is created by the grand sweep of six polished nickel arms, arching gracefully outward; lifting upward. Magnificent ivory paneled shades capture and transmit the warm and magical glow.

To view more information about the Mona Collection, please visit our website. …read more

The Mano Collection

Distinct and inspired.

Reminiscent of nights on the coast of Portugal, the designer endeavored to recreate the old world charm of tanned wood, rich metal and smoky glass.

The Mano collection includes fixtures comprised of the barrels elements. . Sturdy bolts and silver flat work augment its handcrafted and carved teak wood. Classic and rich, the brandish rich antique bobeche holds simulated candles of ivory, cauldron-caged inside glass hurricanes.

You can view the entire collection on our website. …read more

Novello and the Metallic Trend

Lighting trends are influenced by fashion trends. Fashion trends are influenced by jewelry trends.

Do not limit yourself to the conventional use of rings on your finger. The Novello offers a metallic finish on a grand band overflowing with the magical use of rings. It has a fine balance of warm sophistication and metal edginess that is sure to magically create a smile.


Try adding a shiny modern fixture to an already clean contemporary living room. It will instantly add that pop of modern flair that coordinates well with the freshness of the space. …read more

Eurofase Top Picks

To commemorate our 25th anniversary, we wanted to share some of our favourite fixtures over the past years. We polled the office and everyone lent their opinion to help create this post.

Top 5 Classic Looks

We all love trends, but sometimes classic is the way to go. Here are the top picks for the Eurofase Classic Lighting.

Top 5 Contemporary Lights

Eurofase prides itself on being on top of what’s new and contemporary , but finding those that can become timeless pieces. …read more

Dallas International Lighting Market Wrap Up

As always, we had a great time at the Dallas International Lighting Market. This was a very special Dallas Market for us with the introduction of our newest, most unique collection.

Thank you very much to everyone who came and visited the Eurofase showroom. We do business with some of the greatest people in the industry and it always a pleasure to work with them.

2013 will be a very exciting year for us as we celebrate 25 years in business with one of our best collections yet. …read more

Lighting Trends for 2013

You work hard at keeping your wardrobe up to date; extend that effort to your décor. Here is a sample of our top picks for lighting trends in the new year. Browse our virtual catalogue for more on trend fixtures.


Get your décor white hot with some of our new fixtures.


Make your room bloom with style with the new 2013 collection from Eurofase. These Italian inspired pieces are one of a kind and a definite statement of style.

Touch and texture

For the past while it has been all about the colours, …read more

Medieval Lighting Part 2

A few months ago, we showed you some of our top gothic romantic lighting in the post What’s Old is New: Medieval Lighting.

Eurofase predicted this trend continuing and feature some castle worthy fixtures in their 2013 collection.

This year we are seeing a lot of natural finishes in fashion and décor, thus we designed more lights to utilize wood in various ways.

There are a number of reasons to love wood:

  1. Add a new texture dimension to your space.
  2. …read more

Pantone Spring 2013 Colors – Families

The final installment for our Pantone 2013 Color Report blog series features families that include colors and their compliments, giving you options for mixing and matching to create a unique look. Group them together or let them stand alone, whatever you choose will be on trend and perfect for your domain.

  …read more

Pantone Spring 2013 Color Report – Complimenting Lightings

We all love color, and with the help of Pantone we can keep up with the changing trends for our wardrobe and home. But what if you are not ready to dive into colored lighting? Maybe you want colored wall(s) instead? Here are our top picks for lights that will accent your new, Pantone approved wall color.

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The Cameo in Florida

We always love seeing our lights interpreted into different decors and are very happy to share this one with you.
This home in Florida used 3 of our Cameo pendants in their dining area. We are loving the open concept of the home and how perfectly the pendants are placed within the whole scheme.

Modern Dining Room design by Miami Photographer Michael Laurenzano Photography

It should also be noted how they used recessed lighting to showcase their artwork, …read more

The Rosini Collection

Turn your home into a castle with November’s Fixture of the Month, the Rosini.  The Rosini was inspired by the music Yoshino Rossini in 14th century Switzerland among the heroes on horseback riding through their kingdom.

This fixture is strong and beautiful with curvaceous lines and a gunmetal/armor finish. Smoked crystals are suspended within strong classic European lines of the metal frame. Completing the symphony of the well orchestrated fixture is the crystal bobeches holding up candle sticks with candelabra bulbs.

While you can find this fixture in the Classics Collection, …read more

The Venetian Collection — Fixture of the Month for October 2012

Bring the beauty of the outdoors in with the Venetian Collection. Inspired by the rainy season in Venice, the Venetian collection reminds us of glistening diamond raindrops as the rain clears and the sun comes out. A rainfall of hand polished crystals cascade from molded glass arms extending into divine detailed bobeches.

The Venetian is a luxurious, handcrafted work of art made of the finest materials.

 Available in clear smoked or cognac brandy colours, the Venetian lends itself to a multitude of decors. It can be the focal point or a magnificent finishing touch. …read more

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Home Improvements

If you are looking to upgrade your home while being sensitive to budget limitations, lighting is known to be an affordable way to enhance the décor, while increasing the value of your home when you are ready to sell.

The key is to focus on transitional pieces; fixtures that look good in a number of decors.

For the dining room, entry way or living room we selected three standout fixtures that are both contemporary and transitional.

For the other rooms in the house we suggest:

Recessed lighting is a great way to add a subtle luxury. …read more

The Aria Collection

Here at EUROfase, we really like to play with our elements. From a wood chandelier, the Lenio, as May’s fixture of the month, to the Aria -a solid chrome piece for June.

Chrome is the perfect statement or complimentary colour. This season the Neautrals, Reds, Greens and Blues are the trendy paints, according to Sherwin Williams, and we can see the Aria lighting up any of those colours.

Some have simply described it as a futuristic flower, we agree – it is the new shape of beauty. …read more

Spring 2012 Trends

Colour, Colour and more Colour!
Spring is usually all about introducing colour back into your life, but this year more than ever. Colour blocking is all the rage on the red carpet and in your living room.
Our lights provide that pop of colour you can match or block with your other décor.

While your fixture may be around for longer than the trend, colour never hurt anyone and having a statement piece never goes out of style.




The worn, …read more