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Gilding (metal leaf application) is a delicate process that requires specialized tools. It requires a hand applied precise and delicate technique for a flawless finish.

LED MIRRORS – Efficient source of lighting

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LED mirrors provide full illumination and highlight your entire space with clear and even lighting. Choosing Eurofase LED mirrors is a simple way to add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and boldness.

Ultra Slim Decorative Flushmount

Sitting at only 2” high, this ultra thin flushmount, Oliti Collection, offers space saving capabilities. The flat panels fanned out from a central point offers a star-like shape adding an intriguing element to your space. Doubling as wall art and a light source, this LED light fixture will fascinate its audience.

• Integrated LED / Fully Dimmable

• 3239 Lumens / 3500K / CRI 90+

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Chandeliers that look like bursting balls of light

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Its LED lights joined by delicate bars calls to mind constellations and feathery dandelions. Whether or not hanging alone or in a cluster, the Siena collection creates the illusion of a starry night. Adorned with dozens of small little LED lights, the orb gives off a soft ambient glow. Each light sparkles like a tiny star, but together they give off enough light to bring warmth and illumination to an area. …read more

Fanton Collection

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Fanton Collection – Chrome frames with LED light inside showcase crystal glass bangles for a distinctively special design. The glass rings add a lightness to its overall style extending its beauty onto its cascading shadows and reflected light. This style combines mixed materials with basic shapes creating a unique look.

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With ultrathin, modern design, the Ormont provides a radiant source of light. It features a tapered aluminum ultra slim LED task light with 2-panels for wide coverage and all-around brightness. Easily create a well-lit environment to reduce loss of visibility and for completing a specific activity. The Ormont, though almost 40″ wide, is super slim and can be placed in smaller areas without overwhelming the space. This piece will add the element of light and design your home is missing.

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Minimal Tube Wall Sconce

Nozza Collection – A frosted LED tube wrapped in a clear cylinder. The simple structure focuses on flaunting a brilliant bright light for fluid illumination. Without any embellishments or adornments, there are no obstructions barring the light. A minimalistic example of form and function this fixture will be a perfect addition to your modern space. …read more


LED mirrors are more than just a bathroom accessory. Try using them to elevate a foyer, bedroom, dressing room, or hospitality setting. Come see our variety of LED mirrors at booth# 4002: Back lit, Edge lit, Stand-alone, Tri-fold, Cabinet, magnifier attached. Featuring smart touch dimmer switch with 3 color setting options …read more

Decorative bamboo poles for creative lighting design

A beautiful balance between natural and man-made materials – Bobina Collection presents natural bamboo sticks suspended between two antique elliptical bronze rings. The perfect marriage between country and chic, the Bobina wields an LED light adding a modern touch. A one-of-a-kind piece sure to attract attention.

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Bloom Wall Sconce from Eurofase

Finally, spring is here.
Make spring feel different by adding a little change on your wall with this unique wall sconce/flushmount light. Irregular shaped with butterfly inspired oval LED rings, this cheerful design adds whimsy to any room setting. The butterfly symbolizing growth and evolution, makes the Olga Collection a great transitional piece, both physically and figuratively. Select from satin gold or silver finish. Let your space bloom!


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Perfect Ambiance in Any Room

Glacier Fixture in kitchen setting

Light bulbs for your kitchen

Bright illumination in your kitchen that’s clean and fresh is ideal for food prepping. LEDs with cold color temperatures or halogen reflector bulbs with warm colors are perfect for achieving this look.

Glacier (A19) –  Warm color temperature


Rogers (LED) –  Cool color temperature


Light bulbs for your bathroom

LED bathbars have a cool white light that mimic natural light – it’s perfect for applying makeup and general grooming. …read more

Illuminate Your Space

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Create luminous and eye-catching signs for your property with our Halpern and Para LED lit wall sconces.

LED lit acrylic signs are slim and highly functional. It’s low cost of energy consumption make it a highly exceptional piece. Easily assemble the acrylic panels by simply sliding the slim acrylic panel onto the lighted metal base. The custom laser-engraved parts will light up while the rest of the sign stays dark, resulting in the illusion of glowing letters and/or images.

Similar in style, Halpern is ideal for outdoor use while Para is meant for indoor use. …read more

LEDing Fashion

LED Banner

What’s in it for you?

LED lighting is spectacular and better for the environment. LED lights are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. LED lighting makes for fewer bulb replacements, less landfill, and no mercury emanation. Less energy use reduces the demand for power that’s why choosing LED lighting is a win-win. Eurofase prides itself in manufacturing products in tune with your environment. Discover the Peralta, Lazio and Zucchero Collections sure to please and last for years to come.

Peralta Collection | Where to Buy

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Light KnowLEDge: Replacing LED Bulbs in 4 easy steps

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Switching to LED bulbs is the easiest way you can turn your home environmentally friendly – a few bulbs go a long way! One LED light can have a life span of 50,000 hours so you can go a much longer time without switching your bulbs than the standard light. When you do have to switch your LED bulbs, there are 4 easy steps to take to ensure you do this safely and efficiently.

  1. Shut your lights off: This will avoid any burns or shocks from happening from old electricity.
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Lighted LED mirrors

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Eurofase now carries a large variety of mirrors with integrated LED lights. These mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms anymore; you can add these luxurious mirrors into any room, and transform your space from boring to elegant and sophisticated. In addition to the elegance, mirrors can give your room a sense of spaciousness. For more tips on how to make your room appear bigger read our previous blogSpace Saving Lighting.

These LED lighted mirrors are energy saving and come in various shapes and forms to suit your need. …read more

How To: Strip And Mini Puck Lighting

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With the recent technological breakthroughs of LED technology, entirely new products have been created, along with revolutionizing older designs. The low power usage, small size, reduced heat output, and extended lifespan of LED’s make them ideal choices for a variety of products, some of which would have been impractical before with other light source technology.

One of the most exciting products to come out of this technological boom is the LED strip light. Coming in several different varieties, these lights have opened up a treasure-trove of new lighting techniques. …read more

LED in the kitchen

Eurofase takes pride in being a leading manufacturer of contemporary lighting with the latest LED technology.

LED lighting is becoming more popular. The kitchen is where you spend a lot time, thus making it a natural place for you to use LED lighting.

From under the cabinet lighting to shelf lighting, LED is the perfect choice. LED lights stay cool when put under cabinets, they are more energy efficient, and they come with an extended life. LED’s also allow you to put small lights where space is limited. …read more

Vanity Lighting

Where a woman gets ready should be an oasis, where the most intimate of rituals take place. There should be a spotlight on the performance of her makeup application. She wants her bottles of perfume, lipstick collection and jewelry showcased. For this she needs the most luxurious and exquisite vanity lighting.

Eurofase has this woman in mind when designing the most desirable lighting for vanities and powder rooms. Not only is the composition of the light’s design important, but the actual light emitted is essential in makeup application. …read more

Lighting Trends for 2013

You work hard at keeping your wardrobe up to date; extend that effort to your décor. Here is a sample of our top picks for lighting trends in the new year. Browse our virtual catalogue for more on trend fixtures.


Get your décor white hot with some of our new fixtures.


Make your room bloom with style with the new 2013 collection from Eurofase. These Italian inspired pieces are one of a kind and a definite statement of style.

Touch and texture

For the past while it has been all about the colours, …read more

The Cameo in Florida

We always love seeing our lights interpreted into different decors and are very happy to share this one with you.
This home in Florida used 3 of our Cameo pendants in their dining area. We are loving the open concept of the home and how perfectly the pendants are placed within the whole scheme.

Modern Dining Room design by Miami Photographer Michael Laurenzano Photography

It should also be noted how they used recessed lighting to showcase their artwork, …read more

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Home Improvements

If you are looking to upgrade your home while being sensitive to budget limitations, lighting is known to be an affordable way to enhance the décor, while increasing the value of your home when you are ready to sell.

The key is to focus on transitional pieces; fixtures that look good in a number of decors.

For the dining room, entry way or living room we selected three standout fixtures that are both contemporary and transitional.

For the other rooms in the house we suggest:

Recessed lighting is a great way to add a subtle luxury. …read more

The Aria Collection

Here at EUROfase, we really like to play with our elements. From a wood chandelier, the Lenio, as May’s fixture of the month, to the Aria -a solid chrome piece for June.

Chrome is the perfect statement or complimentary colour. This season the Neautrals, Reds, Greens and Blues are the trendy paints, according to Sherwin Williams, and we can see the Aria lighting up any of those colours.

Some have simply described it as a futuristic flower, we agree – it is the new shape of beauty. …read more