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With ultrathin, modern design, the Ormont provides a radiant source of light. It features a tapered aluminum ultra slim LED task light with 2-panels for wide coverage and all-around brightness. Easily create a well-lit environment to reduce loss of visibility and for completing a specific activity. The Ormont, though almost 40″ wide, is super slim and can be placed in smaller areas without overwhelming the space. This piece will add the element of light and design your home is missing.

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Dramatic Color Pairing – Black & Gold

Black and gold are two of the most ageless, versatile and extravagant color duos out there. Used separately, these colours present drama, depth and opulence. When matched together, the pair acts as the perfect partner to each other. Combining black and gold is a brilliant way to make a space feel rich and warm.

Add the Londra chandelier in a rich brass finish to complete the look. Modern double glassed candles evenly balanced atop an impeccably rich metal framework glow with downlights. This sleek decorative piece is a perfect way to add charm to any room. …read more

Mercury Glass: What is it?

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Most women love a bit of sparkle, adding glitter, sequins and shiny jewelry into everyday wardrobes. Why not add some bling into your home decor as well? That’s where mercury glass comes in. What is it? Well mercury glass isn’t mercury at all. In fact, it’s a double-walled glassware with silver coating inside the walls. Our Havendale Collection presents spherical plates made of this blown mercury glass, which intrigue audiences and create dynamic appeal. Features include a polished nickel framework that ties the look together. It’s distinctive, mirror-like and silvery appearance is hard to miss! …read more

Cage Linear Chandelier for Rustic, Contemporary or Any Home

AFFILATO Collection – This linear chandelier has rustic charm while still having a contemporary presence. Golden Edison lights with brass accents and clear seeded glass give a traditional appeal while the open rectangular dark framework adds the contemporary twist making this piece fit for a variety of interior settings from vintage to modern. Great over dining room tables, kitchen islands and pool tables, use the shape of a rectangular chandelier to shine light on your activities.

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A Classic Style with Many Applications

Coffee shop with Aspetto Fixture

Schoolhouse fixtures evoke the traditional style of early light fixtures used in buildings such as libraries, courthouses and, of course, classrooms. Schoolhouse-style pendant lighting often has a solid support rod that complements the retro look, is available in both traditional and mini pendant sizes.

While schoolhouse-style pendant lighting got its start in government and commercial spaces, it quickly migrated into private homes. One of the best features of schoolhouse-style pendant lighting is the gentle ambient light it produces.

Consider different applications as you explore the lighting possibilities these versatile fixtures offer. …read more

Mix and Match in the Kitchen

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The Beauty of Mixing

Mix and match interior design, which fuses together a variety of contrasting materials, patterns and colors, is on the rise. Achieve this look by simply using your favorite design or accessory as inspiration to build around. Select different colors that fit well together or repeat the same object in different styles. For example, display your housewares if they have different colors or patterns.

High contrasting items will also work as long as they share a color, style or finish with at least one other item. …read more

Perfect Ambiance in Any Room

Glacier Fixture in kitchen setting

Light bulbs for your kitchen

Bright illumination in your kitchen that’s clean and fresh is ideal for food prepping. LEDs with cold color temperatures or halogen reflector bulbs with warm colors are perfect for achieving this look.

Glacier (A19) –  Warm color temperature


Rogers (LED) –  Cool color temperature


Light bulbs for your bathroom

LED bathbars have a cool white light that mimic natural light – it’s perfect for applying makeup and general grooming. …read more

How to: Kitchen Lighting / 2016 Spring Colors

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For many people, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where we cook, clean, and converse. For somewhere that families and friends spend so much time, it’s important that you have comfortable and clear lighting. We’re here to share a variety of things to consider and avoid to get your kitchen nice and bright!

From left to right:

Diffi Collection, Mini-lite, Fosca Collection

Task and ambient lighting are the two types of light that are best for the kitchen area. …read more

New 2013 Flushmounts

Versatile and functional, flushmounts help to create a modern, sleek, and streamlined appearance throughout the home. Ceilings can be gorgeous too, with many flushmounts available in shiny metallic finishes and crystals.

Whether it’s for the kitchen, bathroom, or a hallway, flushmounts have definitely become trendier than the original brass circle fixtures. Add some personality to that lacking second bedroom. Now, there is no excuse for a room with a boring fixture.

We have introduced 6 new flushmounts for 2013, all which will compliment your existing décor. …read more

LED in the kitchen

Eurofase takes pride in being a leading manufacturer of contemporary lighting with the latest LED technology.

LED lighting is becoming more popular. The kitchen is where you spend a lot time, thus making it a natural place for you to use LED lighting.

From under the cabinet lighting to shelf lighting, LED is the perfect choice. LED lights stay cool when put under cabinets, they are more energy efficient, and they come with an extended life. LED’s also allow you to put small lights where space is limited. …read more