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Montcalm Collection

Configurable octagonal rings encircle this chandelier for a strong form that’s customizable for each user going from a flat layout to a 3-dimensional shape. Montcalm Collection – The warm colors of the oil-rubbed bronze create an old-style charm and an inviting environment for all to enjoy.

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Bring on the Bling with this Gorgeous Flushmount

Laser cut oval shapes displayed in a circular pattern make the Rotolo a truly unique piece to any space. The surface mount can be placed against the ceiling or wall to project a display of patterned light. Serving as both wall art and a source of light, the Rotolo is the perfect way to add drama and ambiance to a room.

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Retro Glamour Lighting

Bonazzi collection – Retro array of mixed metals and glass in a celestial design feature an eclectic style great for both commercial and residential spaces. This dramatic piece emulates a starburst, fitting for a dazzling chandelier that’s sure to wow audiences. Available in a classic brass or modern chrome finish, this family also offers a variety of sizes and styles to fit a small humble room or a grand space.


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LED mirrors are more than just a bathroom accessory. Try using them to elevate a foyer, bedroom, dressing room, or hospitality setting. Come see our variety of LED mirrors at booth# 4002: Back lit, Edge lit, Stand-alone, Tri-fold, Cabinet, magnifier attached. Featuring smart touch dimmer switch with 3 color setting options …read more

Decorative bamboo poles for creative lighting design

A beautiful balance between natural and man-made materials – Bobina Collection presents natural bamboo sticks suspended between two antique elliptical bronze rings. The perfect marriage between country and chic, the Bobina wields an LED light adding a modern touch. A one-of-a-kind piece sure to attract attention.

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Dramatic Color Pairing – Black & Gold

Black and gold are two of the most ageless, versatile and extravagant color duos out there. Used separately, these colours present drama, depth and opulence. When matched together, the pair acts as the perfect partner to each other. Combining black and gold is a brilliant way to make a space feel rich and warm.

Add the Londra chandelier in a rich brass finish to complete the look. Modern double glassed candles evenly balanced atop an impeccably rich metal framework glow with downlights. This sleek decorative piece is a perfect way to add charm to any room. …read more

Bright and Whimsical

on Bedroom Lighting Chandeliers

Opal white glass housed within an organic shaped chrome frame adds a touch of charm and sophistication. The curved framing unique to the Douville family adds an airy, ethereal element to any space. A soft glow illuminates from the opal white glass enclosures. Douville Collection – includes 1-light, 4-light, and 8-light chandeliers for a proper scale in various areas.

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There’s something very luxurious about having a designated spot to dress up or put your makeup on. However, it can be a little tricky to find one that suits a modern aesthetic. So we have done the hunting for you. Placing LED mirrors can transform your space into a dream dress/makeup room. These mirrors provide full illumination and highlights your entire figure with clear and even lighting but most importantly, allow more space! View Eurofase LED Mirror Collection

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Perfect Ambiance in Any Room

Glacier Fixture in kitchen setting

Light bulbs for your kitchen

Bright illumination in your kitchen that’s clean and fresh is ideal for food prepping. LEDs with cold color temperatures or halogen reflector bulbs with warm colors are perfect for achieving this look.

Glacier (A19) –  Warm color temperature


Rogers (LED) –  Cool color temperature


Light bulbs for your bathroom

LED bathbars have a cool white light that mimic natural light – it’s perfect for applying makeup and general grooming. …read more

New 2013 Flushmounts

Versatile and functional, flushmounts help to create a modern, sleek, and streamlined appearance throughout the home. Ceilings can be gorgeous too, with many flushmounts available in shiny metallic finishes and crystals.

Whether it’s for the kitchen, bathroom, or a hallway, flushmounts have definitely become trendier than the original brass circle fixtures. Add some personality to that lacking second bedroom. Now, there is no excuse for a room with a boring fixture.

We have introduced 6 new flushmounts for 2013, all which will compliment your existing décor. …read more

Eurofase Top Picks

To commemorate our 25th anniversary, we wanted to share some of our favourite fixtures over the past years. We polled the office and everyone lent their opinion to help create this post.

Top 5 Classic Looks

We all love trends, but sometimes classic is the way to go. Here are the top picks for the Eurofase Classic Lighting.

Top 5 Contemporary Lights

Eurofase prides itself on being on top of what’s new and contemporary , but finding those that can become timeless pieces. …read more

Dallas International Lighting Market Wrap Up

As always, we had a great time at the Dallas International Lighting Market. This was a very special Dallas Market for us with the introduction of our newest, most unique collection.

Thank you very much to everyone who came and visited the Eurofase showroom. We do business with some of the greatest people in the industry and it always a pleasure to work with them.

2013 will be a very exciting year for us as we celebrate 25 years in business with one of our best collections yet. …read more

Lighting Trends for 2013

You work hard at keeping your wardrobe up to date; extend that effort to your décor. Here is a sample of our top picks for lighting trends in the new year. Browse our virtual catalogue for more on trend fixtures.


Get your décor white hot with some of our new fixtures.


Make your room bloom with style with the new 2013 collection from Eurofase. These Italian inspired pieces are one of a kind and a definite statement of style.

Touch and texture

For the past while it has been all about the colours, …read more

Medieval Lighting Part 2

A few months ago, we showed you some of our top gothic romantic lighting in the post What’s Old is New: Medieval Lighting.

Eurofase predicted this trend continuing and feature some castle worthy fixtures in their 2013 collection.

This year we are seeing a lot of natural finishes in fashion and décor, thus we designed more lights to utilize wood in various ways.

There are a number of reasons to love wood:

  1. Add a new texture dimension to your space.
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Pantone Spring 2013 Colors – Families

The final installment for our Pantone 2013 Color Report blog series features families that include colors and their compliments, giving you options for mixing and matching to create a unique look. Group them together or let them stand alone, whatever you choose will be on trend and perfect for your domain.

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